Wall decals are a common way to decorate your home, church, bedroom, or other building or room with easy, simplicity and without expense. Many bible verse wall decals are available, and they’ve gained popularity because they display your favorite scripture and alert everyone that enters your home that your heart is centered around God.

But, where should you use wall decals that display Bible verses? The answer is simple -wherever you choose. There is no right or wrong place for use of these decals, but if you are seeking a few ideas, we are here to guide you in the right direction.

Living Room

The main room of your home is one of the best for displaying your decals, because everyone that comes into your home can see them. And, the decals are easy to place on the wall, adding great décor to your home with ease.


Your bedroom is yet another great place to put scripture decals. It is nice to wake up surrounded by inspirational messages each morning. With so many to choose from there is always a scripture perfect for this room.

Church Reception Area

Although we’ve said reception area, you can really use the decals anywhere in the church to add a special touch and sentiment to what is found there already.


The church nursery is yet another great place where using scripture decals come in handy. The nursery is a place that should be cheerful and this is one way to add lots of smiles and happiness to the room.

Use the decals anywhere that you want to use. It is your home or business and your money, so why not combine that with your creativity and put your wall decals with Bible verses in the perfect location for your setting?