Most of your business promotions, these days, will be taking place on the internet. That is a given and necessary fact of life in the twenty-first century. At this stage of your business development, you are particularly pleased that you have managed to devolve required and purposeful efficiencies in the day to day running, and occasional administrations, usually of a technical and retail nature, of your business website to contracted or full-time service providers with relevant and proven skills to do this successfully.

But inasmuch that you are already highly skilled and expert in your own commercial and/or industrial business, you do not have the necessary and general business communication skills and necessary technical writing freelance expertise to help clearly and coherently promote your processes and manufactured products. For now, you may rely on the freelancer because it is far more cost-effective in the sense that he will be producing the necessary material independently and in his own, proactive time.

That is part of the positive professional persuasion for relying on a technical writer of this caliber. He is able to work independently and without any supervision. During his independent work, he is able to do research and development effectively to the degree that the finished article or body of work directly resonates with what you had in mind to promote. He is also willing to interview you while directly researching your business.

You should be quite amenable to this technique. But if you are going to exercise some discernment in regards to employing a professional writer with the proven abilities, something you should be exercising in any case, you should be looking for a writer who also happens to be qualified in your technical line.